Hello World.

Hi, this is my first post. In this blog.
I've been blogging before, in another blog address, but I am setting the old one to private because there are so many embarrassing posts from the past that I am not proud of showing to the world of elegance and maturity I am trying to live in.
Of course I'm kidding.
I'm never ready to enter the world of elegance and maturity but I AM trying to be elegant and mature and not being weird but here I am. Babbling and babbling.
In short, I just want to make a pretty blog with bows and flowers and cotton candies because I want to be a fashion blogger. Or writer. Or simply sharing the thoughts in my frickin head because I think A LOT and I wouldn't be able to keep up if I keep it there.
Hope you don't mind reading it.

xxx (Looks cool, right? Or I should change it to XOXO?)