To Travel Is Endearing, To Go Home is a Bliss

There's nothing wrong being unadventurous.
That's what I thought.
Until I understand that the earth is too big to be ignored.

Places, foods, people, everything the world offers me.
It never ceases to amaze me.
You've gone to beaches. But every beach isn't the same.
You've eaten sushi. But every chef offers different tastes.
You've met people. But everyone has their own stories.

Nothing in this world is monotonous.
Monotonous is for boring people.
And I'm not planning to be a boring person.

This is the way to live.
To travel.
Not the furthest. But the deepest.
Not only the dearest. But also experience the cheapest.

If you're scared, try.
If you're uncertain, try.
If you're nervous, try.
The world is full of surprises.
It might leave you exhausted.
But it will teach you lessons.
And provide you stories worth telling in the future.
And sometimes, it will make you cry.

At last, don't forget to find a home.
A place you can always come back to.
A place where you can be alone and most loved at the same time.
A place that let you rest from this big, draining, and unexpected world.
And never, ever, forget to go home.

For traveling is endearing.
But going home is a bliss at the very best.