My Favourite Music Of All Time (Part 1)

For I don't know how long, whenever I have a blog, I always try to create this list and it's remained unfinished. Now I will try to make a new one. I am not a music expert and I don't listen to a wide range of music genre, so this list might have a very subjective taste. Please notice these two things: 1) This list can go on and on, because I will keep listening to music so if there's any new cool music I will put it here; 2) This list is not by order, so the first is not the best and the last is not the worst. It is only based on what song I could remember.

Clean Bandit - Rather Be (Feat. Jess Glynne)
I discovered this song from radio at first. I've always loved electronic songs, but this one really caught my ears. After did some search on youtube and listened to all of their songs, then I started to fall in love with this band and hopefully I can watch their concert someday. I could only sing "No no no no no, no place I'd rather be" aaaaall over again till I sang this song on karaoke and it has this catchy lyrics:
"But as long as you are with me, there's no place I'd rather be / I would wait forever, exalted in the scene / As long as I am with you, my heart continues to beat"
John Legend - Ordinary People
The song that made me fell in love with John Legend. With his subtle piano play, his gentle voice, and his heartfelt voice, basically all of John Legend's ballads are VERY good. I used to love All Of Me so much till it got overplayed and I got bored of it. Everybody Knows is always SO good but you can't forget what you've fallen in love with.

"Maybe we'll live and learn / Maybe we'll crash and burn / Maybe you'll stay, maybe you'll leave, maybe you'll return / Maybe another fight / Maybe we won't survive / But maybe we'll grow / We never know baby you and I / We're just ordinary people / We don't know which way to go"
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You
I mean, who doesn't love this song?! At least, who haven't heard this song?! I'm sure everybody is familiar with this song. One of Alicia Keys' best. Played on the radio for however many times, sang in a cafe by however many bands, If I Ain't Got You. This song can give you two perspective, a fall in love song, or a heartbreak song. This one is romantic, yet agonizing song. I can't choose any lyrics from this song, because all words in this song is perfect.

Well, I decided to divide this post into some parts because I don't think I can finish it any soon in one attempt. Soooo, catch ya later!


To the Old Self

When you're older and being a parent, please remember, that you are not always right.
Well, yes you have more years experiencing the world than the younger, but it doesn't mean that you are always right. You might be wiser, but not always. You might give good advice, but no one doesn't have to listen to you. Let you be a good observer. Understand what others don't. See what others don't. You might know the secrets of the universe, the life hack, but you are allowed to remain silent, because not everything you know is relevant in every situation.

When you're older and being a parent, please remember, that you set an example.
Not only for your children, but also for your family. You will be an example to your daughter, you need to be strong, patient, caring, and stable. You can't let your emotions cloud your judgement. You will be an example to your son, you need to be kind, loving, smart, and confident. You have to show your son what qualities he needs to find when he is looking for a mother for his children. You have to take your personal matters aside to take care of other important things in your family

When you're older and being a parent, please remember, that you still need a lot to learn.
The world is always changing. What you used to believe, might change. What you used to perceive, might be mistaken. Your children might be smarter than you. Your spouse might be wiser than you. Others might be better than you. Just. Keep. Learning. You ARE still the change you want to see in the world.

When you're older and being a parent, please remember, that you can not be selfish.
This is a cruel, finicky, ruthless world. Everyone can be selfish. But you can't. You have your family to be taken care of. You need resources, a lot of them. But you have to do things the right way. Don't use others for your own entertainment. Don't outshine others for your own spotlight. Everything has its own place and time. You have to believe that.