Growing Up Is Easy

I vividly remember, when I was a child, I hope I can grow up quickly. I hoped when I was reaching my twenties, I will have figured out what I do, a career, a love-life, simply a future. Now I'm in my early twenties, and I realize, everything is not that easy. They said being old is mandatory while growing up is a choice. Well, if I could choose, I think I'd still want to grow up.

The thing is, we thought that people younger than us are whiny and peevish. They complain a lot. About how they needed more time to work on their school project. About how they were sad ending a relationship with their partner. About how they could not solve problems we, older generation, think is easy to be solved.
If only we realize that we think it is stupid because we've been there, done those things the younger generations are currently experiencing. We think their problems are nothing compared to ours because we have passed it. We have passed the time when we were 6, trying to read fluently and write neatly. We have passed the time when we were in third grade, trying to solve a multiplication and division in maths. We have passed the time when we were in our 12 facing new friends in junior high school, competing with each other who's become the coolest, the prettiest, the most famous. We have passed the time when we were in our 17, trying to reach our dreams to become a band member, or a school president, or a doctor. After high school, not many of us understand what to become, what to do. To work or to pursue higher education. To stay single and be free or to be in a relationship and committed. Did you know what you want to do when you were 17?

I did. I totally did. I thought I'm going to study psychology, learning about the mystery of human behavior and their personality. I thought I'm going to have a boyfriend who has the same interest as mine, watching movies and football match once in a week, meet up every Saturday night having a proper dinner. I thought after twenty, I would figure them out. I would figure them all out. I didn't.

Now I'm just getting older and older, trying to take any opportunities I have. Applying for a scholarship to study abroad? I've tried, I've failed. Applying to have a job in a magazine? I've tried, I've failed.

I'm now facing it all. The fear of being alone and miserable forever. The fear of not being successful. The fear of disappointing people we love most.

But growing up had me realize that, I am now facing my phase. This is the part people older than me had experienced. This is the part of growing up I have to encounter in order to be succeeded in the future. This is the part that I am going to pass and be grateful for it because I will have been surviving this position. This is the part that I am going to say "I've been there, done that. Nothing to worry about, because everyone and everything has its own time and place." to people younger than me when they're experiencing it.

Growing up is scary. It may seem hard at times. But when we realize what we've achieved, we will be thankful and saying that growing up is easy. You just have to have faith and keep working hard.