Hello 2016

Never have I known that I could get through 2015 with so many lesson learned.

I thought it was gonna be another normal year. Me, staying at my city, living with my parents, doing all the things I've been doing. But it wasn't. For me, 2015 is all about getting out of my comfort zone.

It was all started when I've graduated college in September 2014. I was planning on studying abroad. I took an English course at April where I met some new cool friends. We have the same dream of studying abroad. That was when I try hard to be open-minded and encourage myself to talk to new people. From this course, I knew that I need to improve my English and I need to be more friendly towards people.

And then, in May, I was interviewed for a scholarship. Did I make it? No. Did I regret it? Not at all. It was also a lesson. From this interview, I realized that there were SO many people that were much smarter, braver, and more passionate than myself. I realized that I needed to improve so many things because if I wanted to be succeed at an interview, at least I have to conquer all my fears in social encounter, I have to be brave on speaking, I have to take my introversion away so that I can produce a good answer in an interview.

However, despite my failure in interview, I believe that God always have a beautiful plan for me.

During my course, I was also applying a job in a one of the biggest company in Indonesia. From May until June, I had to go to Yogyakarta for the recruitment test. It was nothing serious, because I wanted to take the test so that I could visit my best friend in Yogyakarta. But then, it was like my mother's prayer, I actually succeeded in the recruitment test (including interview which I have failed before). And it was a very good thing for me and of course my family that I got into this company.

After that, in September, I started to join a training that required me to leave Surabaya for God knows how long. I went to Yogya, Bandung, Bogor, Jakarta, and back to Bandung again in 4 months. This was where I learn a lot. I met so many people with so many different background, and I am now so lucky to be a part of them all.
And this is where I really moved out of my comfort zone. I tried to be as social as possible. I got out of Surabaya and didn't live with my parents for the longest time (so far). I lived alone for the first time. I did a mandatory military training. I sang in front of crowd. I had my own salary. And so on and so on.

And I am blessed. Beyond blessed.
Welcoming 2016, I of course know what to expect but all I can do is to try my very best so that I can make myself and everyone around me happy.